Ethical Tea Tastes Better

Our Tea

All of our teas are ethically sourced. The plantations in which they are grown are either certified Fair-Trade or are part of the ETP (Ethical Tea Partnership). We only buy through organisations who are ethically minded and who care about the Welfare of the workers. 95% of our teas are handpicked which means no CO2 emissions therefore a reduction in our carbon footprint.

We're Keen To Be Green

Being green is an important part of our daily life, so our packaging is designed ideally to be used time and time again, but if this isn't possible, all of our tins are recyclable. 

Our tea bags are Soilon which is a fine mesh made from corn starch. It's chosen to replace the materials in teabags, since it can be biodegraded and broken down readily by microorganisms in the soil. This is a safe and non-toxic alternative to the traditional bags that we're so used to. Our tea bags are also plastic free.

Your Delivery

From time to time we may recycle Delivery Boxes/Packaging.